Design and Economy

Metal Roofing Houston

Metal roofing and siding are becoming more popular in the Houston TX area.  Metal roofing is no longer just for commercial buildings and barns, but now is gaining popularity in residential construction. People now have the choice of many different types of metal roofing and siding. Metal roofing can now fit almost any design in the architecture.

Copper Roofing


Metal roofing contractors can now provide more insulation choices for businesses and housing so energy costs can remain low. Energy efficiency produces savings from the day of construction of the project to the forty years when the roofing or siding might need repair or replacement. There is cool metal roofing treated with heat deflecting material so that the suns rays are deflected, reducing cooling costs in warmer climates. Also, there is metal siding that is insulated called IMP’s. These insulated metal panels consist of two sheets of metal that are injected with liquid foam insulation and then hung so that the insulation can expand and dry between the metal sheets. Once dried, the panels are solid, leaving no air gaps to decrease the insulating properties of the panels at any point. That way, the panels maintain the warm or cool interiors of the building and reduce the heating and cooling costs.

Strength and Weight

Metal roofing and siding are both very lightweight in comparison to other roofing or siding materials, allowing construction teams to work very efficiently with either material. Metal siding can be lifted with forklifts rather than requiring cranes to do the work. Metal roofing and siding also lock into place, so that one piece fits snugly into the next, providing a solid wall or roof that prevents leaks from air or water. Even though it is lighter material, with the galvanized coatings of zinc or other metals, the metal roofing and siding last many years, with some manufacturers giving warranties for up to forty or fifty years on some metal siding and roofing.

Environment Friendly

In addition, metal siding and roofing are recyclable, so, a panel can be removed from one site, and easily used in another one. The metal within the metal roofing and siding can also be manufactured from recyclable materials, thus saving the environment through this use of recycled metals in the skin of the siding. The siding can be corrugated so that it has a pattern for decorative purposes. There are a number of finishes that can be used to match any design, even a stucco-like finish.